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U.S. Economic Impact: Fresh Produce & Floral Industries

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The fresh fruit and floral industries are good for the health and welfare of the United States, for physical and mental wellbeing, but also for our economy.

Why are flowers so expensive?

International Fresh Produce Association (@IntFreshProduce) / X

U.S. Flower Imports in Five Charts - Agricultural Economic Insights

Projected losses of ecosystem services in the US disproportionately affect non-white and lower-income populations

Why climate change has fruit growers rethinking their crops : NPR

U.S. Economic Impact: Fresh Produce & Floral Industries

Water, environment, and socioeconomic justice in California: A multi-benefit cropland repurposing framework - ScienceDirect

Current Situation of the Fresh Avocado Market in the US


The Global Produce and Floral Show 2023 Focused on Technology with a Sense of Community - Abasto

IFPA 2022 Year in Review

U.S. Economic Impact: Fresh Produce & Floral Industries

Fresh produce, floral labor incomes near pre-COVID levels - Fruit Growers News

IFPA CEO calls for 'competitive, level playing field' for U.S. ag

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